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We have a stellar line up of Pole Icons for 2024, we are so excited to announce our line up over the coming weeks. Follow our insta for all the latest information.

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Katy Eve is known for her strong and feminine style with power, fluidity and sensuality. Katy has developed a sexy showgirl style of performance, that is always iconic. She is the proud owner of The Brass Room, Canberra’s premier sexy pole dance studio. 



This year these 3 player’s have levelled up! Known best for their iconic showgirl style, which include the hypnotic slink of London alongside the fierce flow of Mel Grace combined with the sensual goddess that is Ruby. This bombshell trio is set to blow your minds. The trio have all represented W.A. on the Miss Pole Dance Australia stage as national finalists over the years. Their combined list of titles is matched only by the length of their legs. All the way from W.A. they’re ready to bring their A-game!

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2 X World Champion of Exotic Generation Flow 2022 & 2023 - Lola Grace is famed for her mesmerising musicality, fluidity and beautiful lines. She has an eclectic taste in music, loves the sensual and slinky style of pole, and is obsessed with the details! Lola has been slinking around the pole for 15 years and teaching for 11 years.



Bailey is a professional pole dance and aerial instructor with 16 years of teaching & coaching experience. After studying a BA in Communications and Theatre Media, Bailey began teaching and performing full time. Not only did she have the pleasure of teaching at some of Sydney’s premier pole dance schools for 15 years, but she has been lucky enough to take her knowledge of pole, aerial & dance around the world, and is the proud owner and head instructor at The Pole Park in Townsville.

Bailey has been competing at a national and international level for the last 12 years and after placing 3rd and taking home the People’s Icon award at last years Pole Icon, Bailey can’t wait to get back on the Icon stage and show you what she’s been creating!

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The diva the house down boots from the Icon ‘23 Lennox is backkkk. Lennox snatched the coveted Second Runner-up title at Pole Icon last year.



Benjamin Butterfly started his career in dance with The Australian Ballet, going on to work independently around the country. After coming to find pole, circus and burlesque Benjamin has been mincing around Sydney bars for parties and events as well as production shows for Brunswick Picture House, Briefs Factory International and Atlantis Events.

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No one cares when she started pole nor how quickly she fell in love with the sport.
However, Megan b is well known for her hip hop style routines that are usually jam
packed with dynamic tricks and flips!! Megan b is a proud instructor at Kylie J pole
Studio and co-owner and founder of Blak Apparel Pole wear. 



These 2 epic @pole.divas instructors come together to create the most exciting and entertaining shows that will leave you spellbound . @caroline_cazcapstar and @jess.polediva will have you screaming laughing and cheering for their iconic doubles tricks and sexy dance moves . From sexy cowgirls on a flying saddle to naughty nuns we can’t wait to see what this dynamic duo bring to the iconic stage next



Returning to the stage after 4 years and 2 pregnancies, Amy Hazel, former Miss Pole Dance Australia is excited to be doing what she loves again. She finds it extremely nerve wracking returning to the stage after taking such an extended time off and adjusting to all the changes in her body, but Amy hopes to bring something fun to the stage and focus on enjoying her journey back to pole.



Natty has been a frequent and well known contender in the pole scene over 10 years, achieving many top 3 titles. Her most recent accolade is 2023 Exotic Generation Australia Hard Style Champion.

You may remember her from Pole Icon 2023 where she was awarded Show Icon for her Squid Game routine!

Some of her other titles include Miss Pole Dance Victoria 2020 champion, Miss Pole Dance Australia 2020 runner up and Exotic Gen 2020 Hard Style runner up.



Carlie is the owner of Pole and Aerial studio The Pole Boutique and has been involved in all aspects of the industry as a performer, judge, choreographer, producer and teacher!

She has a long list of accolades for her competitive Pole history including the coveted Miss Pole Dance Australia crown in singles and doubles, dual Australian Pole Championship titles and an IPC Ultimate champion trophy and has been a pioneer of character pole in Australia with 2 IPDFA choreographer of the year awards for her Iconic Carlos and Granny routines.

Carlie is the creator and producer of award winning cabaret RED DISTRICT and performs Aerial Pole regularly across the cabaret and circus scene.



Mischka is a Melbourne gal from Pole Divas and she is the current Miss Pole Dance Australia and Australian Pole Champion. She’s been pole dancing since 2010 and teaching since 2012. She loves a static pole, and she loves surprising the audience with a different style of routine every time she steps on stage.

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Bethany has been pole dancing for over 14 years and is the owner of Aerial Dance Studios Ballarat and Inferno Entertainment. Her favourite style of pole is dynamic and she is well known for her death defying drops and flips. Bethany travels regularly to teach workshops across the globe and when she’s not busy training or teaching, she loves to be at home with her many pets.



Joanna was born to dance, and her love of pole has kept her dancing and performing way longer than she dreamed would be possible!
A few months off 55, she can now say she has been dancing for over half a century and proudly still kicking it with the youngsters 

Joanna is passionate about technique, control, lines, dynamics, musicality, interesting transitions, “making it look easy” and always loves a good split and a big jump!

Off the back of winning the 2023 Australian Pole Art Championships, Joanna has won a total of 3 Australian & 4 International Pole titles and was a finalist on Australia’s got Talent




Many people will know that Debzillah is a pioneer in pole for people with physical disabilities. Lots of people will know that she’s won the title of Ultimate Pole Champion in the disabled division of the International Pole Championships 3 times. Some people will know she’s the Owner of Stargazer Pole Studio in Blacktown. Less people will know she’s the treasurer of the Australian Pole Sports Federation - and that the national championships are 2 weeks after Pole Icon!



International Pole Champion and holder of the prestigious title of IPC Ultimate Pole Champion for an iconic performance about plastic pollution, Andrea Ryff is finally back on stage to celebrate turning 50 years young in Jan this year. 

Owner of Achieve Pole Studio, Andrea loves to coach new generations of pole dancers in her unique strength & grace style. 

Returning to the stage for Pole Icon after a 5yr hiatus, Andrea’s back to prove that a woman’s grace gets better with age and strength is about so much more than just the physical. Life is to be celebrated! 



Kym started her pole journey in 2012 at Studio Pole. She began competing in 2014, winning her first state title at NSW Pole Championships that year. Since then, she has been exploring different styles; placing in several different competitions. You may know her from her most recent performance at Miss Pole Dance Australia 2022, when she was won her first national title. Kym is a casual instructor at Studio Pole and enjoys pushing and encouraging her students. She loves the confidence they gain after a few classes and seeing them grow. When she’s not chasing the highs of performing or instructing, you can find her climbing the corporate ladder. Th


COCO is an award winning pole dance performer, choreographer, and celebrated dance teacher. She is the owner of LOVE POLE STUDIOS in Sydney Australia and the creator of PODIUM GODDESS pole competition. Coco is renowned for her flexible shapes, musicality, intricate static rotations and fun dance style. She is also known for her supportive teaching style and ability to adapt to the individual learning needs of her students. Coco loves to explore ways of expression and creativity through pole dance, and to connect with others through teaching and performing.



Camille is known for her strong performance style, having competed in pole dancing since 2013 and winning Miss Pole Dance Western Australia 6 times. She started pole dancing in 2012 and has been teaching at Bobbi’s Pole Studio Perth since 2014. She loves static pole and exotic style and outside of pole is a full time lawyer.

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